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In this second installment of this series, I will ponder the various uses of pesto.

Today: Pesto

Problem: I never seem to need exactly one jar of the stuff. It’s either 2/3 or 1 1/2 jars.

Dish in which the first half of a package is usually used: Pasta on a lazy weeknight or pizza

Ideas for using it up:

– obviously: more pasta (tested)

– rice with pesto, maybe?

– obviously: more pizza (tested)

– spread it on grilled cheese sandwiches (tested) or burgers (tested)

– make bruschetta and use up any stale bread that’s lying around as a bonus!

– give a flavor boost to a simple side-dish of oven-roasted tomatoes

– mix it with cream cheese, hard-boiled egg yolks and parmesan and make tasty deviled eggs.

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