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Easter is over, I do realize that. But I cannot blog about my making easter eggs myself before the fact, now can I? There you go.

The Saturday before Easter Sunday was spent in my tiny kitchen with the unfathomable carpet in it, spreading melted chocolate over half of my kitchen equipment as well as some dark chocolate, white chocolate lemon, and coconut easter eggs. The latter taste a lot like those Bounty (in the US: Mounds) candy bars, which is not bad at all.

I may or may not post a plethora of pictures of the easter eggs later but I will tell you that I am eating another one of those delicious coconut candies right from the fridge this very moment.

In the meantime, one may follow my chocolatey endeavors on Tasty Kitchen, where I got (and reviewed) two of the recipes and posted the third.


Lemon Truffle “Eggs”

Coconut Eggs (see my Review for the changes I made). Here is a picture of them still naked and awaiting their chocolate coats:

Chocolate Truffle Eggs (again, see my review; I also added honey which was hardly traceable in the finished candy)

For this time of year, I think the dark chocolate truffles are a bit heavy, but the lemon truffles are really dreamy and so fluffy and light… Yum! 🙂

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