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Two little piggies,

male, tabby and white

moved in with Westmonster

their future was bright.

Ben & Jerry neat kl

And their future got brighter:

only two weeks had passed,

when in moved a third piggy!

– A lady, at last!

Romy sinniert 2 kl

The piggies are cute,

and the piggies are sweets

so the names that they got

are inspired by treats:

Ben & Jerry are the boys,

like an ice cream we’ve got.

The girl is called Romy,

chocolate with coconut.


The piggies, you will have noticed, are really cats. We call them piggies because of their colour, classic tabby, which resembles the coat of young boars. ^^


Alle im Baum


Ben and Jerry were born in May 2013, and moved in with us in September. We got all three of our piggies from a shelter. Ben and Jerry had been there for only two hours when we first met them, and we picked them up a day later. They have been at home here from day one, and it was fun watching them get even more comfortable and trusting by the minute.


Romy was born in June and had a nasty case of the kitty flu. She had been at the shelter for a month and was in solitary confinement the whole time because of the flu. She was the most affectionate kitty we had ever met, with the softest fur you could ever imagine, and she was, quite frankly, bored out of her skull! I believe she was on top of the world when we took her home with us two weeks after the boys, and she had a whole house to herself, instead of one room, with two playmates to boot.


Box-Kampf_Romy & Jerry_kl


Ben started out the biggest of the lot and he has now become a hunk of a cat. And, of course, Big Ben reigns supreme among his sibs. He is the least actively affectionate of the three, but he likes just being around and comes out of his shell quite a bit when you get him alone. He is rather quiet most of the time, but sometimes his spunk gets the better of him and makes him goof off along with the other piglets.


This was Ben just a few days after he arrived here.


And this is him now, next to a comparatively tiny Romy, who doesn’t seem to have grown at all since we got her (*yay*).

Ben & Romy


Jerry has also changed only very little, even though he’s almost as tall and long as Ben now – but he’s more of a Cherry Garcia, while Ben is a real Chunky Monkey, if you catch my drift. 😀 scnr


Jerry is happy being thrown over one shoulder and carried through the house. He also loves exploring the big outdoors and staying out for hours at a time while I go crazy with worry about what he might have gotten himself into. Thankfully, we live near fields and forests and far away from big streets, so the piggies are comparatively safe. I worry anyway, I’m sensible that way.


Here he is a few days after moving in, the little heartbreaker.


And this is him now, cuddling up to his big bro.

Ben & Jerry

Romy was all eyes when she moved in with us. Her eyes are still huge and round, but she’s not as wide-eyed all the time now. When she got here, she would hectically run from one room to the next, play with everything and everyone, turn over carpets and chairs and her adopted brothers, climb people and shelves, and just make sure that she could leave one room when she felt like it and explore the next. She looked so relieved to finally be able to roam free and have people and other cats to play with and cuddle.

She is very focused on her people, though. I think she prefers our company to that of her adopted brothers. Which makes sense. There were no other cats around for a long time during a formative stage of her development.

Romy also won’t go outside for very long, especially when the sun is up. I think she doesn’t trust that space with no walls and that ever-changing ceiling. Hopefully that will get better with time and she will become more courageous and completely free in her tiny soul.

This is Romy on her first day here – she could never decide whether to explore, play, or canoodle.

Romy kl


And here she is just a few weeks ago, enjoying some rare rays of winter sunshine.

Romy am Fenster_kl


And because this is my blog, I can decide to posts a truckload of kitty pictures.

That is what the Internet is for, anyway. Right?



New furniture should never be photographed without at least one piece of decoration on top.

Romy auf der Säule kl


Ben and Romy like long walks on the beach and enjoy some light reading… ;)


Okay, I will stop now.

Nah, I won’t!

Sleepy Piggies

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