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Alright, I guess I’m officially certifiable. When you find out what I am doing, you will probably facepalm and send someone over to help me into my shiny new white jacket. The strait one with the long sleeves.

But I’m not telling you what this enormous beading project is, yet. I will be happy to take you along on the journey away from my sanity by showing you pictures of my progress and telling you all about it. At some point it may become clear what I am doing, but by then you will probably be having trouble seeing the pictures because all you can do is shake your head and ask yourself “why?”.


This monstrosity of a beading project starts out with a frivolous amount of matte black beads strung onto an equally frivolously long piece of smoke colored Fireline thread.

What took the longest was counting the beads at least four times using different methods to make sure I got it right. One bead too little and everything would have been ruined forever!

In this picture, the third row is all but finished, turning those first 250-odd beads into the first two rows of this peyote piece. I love how that works out. It always confuses me to no end, but I love it.

001 In the Beginning


And can I just go off on a tangent real quick-like and tell the world how much I am loving Fireline?! It’s awesome!

002 Fireline Smoke


It almost never gets tangled! Sometimes there is a small, knot-like catch, but that comes apart so easily, without fraying or anything, it’s amazing.

One might say this Fireline stuff is on fire, but that would be a horrible pun, so no one in their right mind would say that.

Also, it wouldn’t be very comfortable, stringing beads onto a burning piece of thread.

Sorry. Moving on.


This is about two days later… I’ve made quite the progress, don’t you think?

003 2 days later

In my defence: Each row is over 120 beads long. And I am very slow.

I love the sleek look of peyote. Flat peyote always reminds me of snakeskin, in a good way.

At this point, the project might well be a bracelet. Or a choker.

It is neither, but I thought I’d lead you up a blind alley for starters.


Another two days later (just kidding), finally a second color! Yay!

I switched to crystal Fireline because those pearly white beads are transparent. I figured, the smoky thread shining through the innocently pure white beads would take away from the beauty of it all.

004 new color


And aren’t these shiny white beads just lovely?

I could stare at them all day and never feel like I’m missing anything.

005 pretty white beads

Except for food, maybe, or water.


Speaking of all the pretty beads: I am using Miyuki Delicas for this project.

This is the stash that I will all but use up for the project.

Some of the gold-colored beads are coated with actual 24 karat gold. At least, that’s what the label (and the price-tag) says.

006 1,7percent and materials

Aren’t they formidable? There’s quite a bit of black, some gorgeous greens, a bit of blue, a lot of lavenders and purples, abundant alliterations, not quite enough of shiny metallic beads to quench my inner magpie’s thirst for bling, and some whites, reds, and skin-colored beads.

In the picture above you can also see what I’ve got so far. That’s 1,7% of the project down, 98,3% still to go. *gulp*

This is a mere seven black rows of peyote and nine predominantly white rows of peyote, and it took me about a week to do. I’m not going to calculate how long it will be until I am finished.

Instead, I will just enjoy the ride and look at all those pretty shiny beads a lot!


Alrighty, see you for the next installment.

I should be finished with another 16 rows by next month. 😉

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