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Now, this is the story all about how I met a lovesome and very welcoming Snowman called Yonas.


I was striding across the icy tundra, walking underneath the most stalwart of firs defying the cold, when suddenly I felt a tremor shaking the earth under my feet.


“Oh no!” I thought, “I hope I haven’t stirred an abominable monster living here in this perpetually icy wasteland!”

No sooner had I thought this thought when a huge, furry creature with a plethora of small, sparkling ice crystals all over its coat crossed my path, his frozen feet stomping the ground, making the fir trees shudder with fear – or were they giggling?


Taking a closer look, I saw that he was smiling. *whew*


When this adorable snowman saw me, he seemed to be happy to meet another living thing in this most unsociable place and came running toward me, waving its arms and wearing a welcoming grin all over its face.


He introduced himself as „Yeti, Yonas Yeti“ and asked me back for a snowcone.


This is my first ever original design for a beaded figurine, and I think he’s delectable. 😀


Yonas is made from glass beads, nylon thread, styrofoam, cotton, and cling film, using modified Right-Angle-Weave.

I made him for a contest over on Jalaila had asked her readers to invent a beaded creature fitting the theme: Sparkling like the Perpetual Ice.


*Yup, I took this line from MonstersInc. Please don’t sue me!?

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