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Why have I never thought of making pizza with my second-favorite vegetable and loads of cheese? Beets me!

This summery, savory-sweet slice of superpizza was simply scrumptious! It’s not for the faint-of-heart/afraid-of-cheese, though, I’m afraid. Continue reading

If you like pizza but can’t be bothered to decide on just one topping and/or flavor combination, this pizza is for you. If you want pizza NOW and do not have the time or patience for yeast to do its magic, this pizza is for you as well.

It has two kinds of sauces, two kinds of veggies, some salami for the meat-eater in your life, and only three actual ingredients in the pizza dough. Continue reading

Hubby has been working like a dog these past couple of weeks. We have a big project in the works that is taking up a lot of time and brain-space, and he’s also had to work his butt off at his (relatively) new and exciting job.

So today I thought I’d make him one of his favorites for dinner to cheer him up a bit: sun-dried tomato risotto. Continue reading

Everybody loves quiche. And it’s a very good, easy weeknight dinner whenever you’re completely uninspired and your pantry is devoid of anything coherent. Continue reading

I love pies and all sorts of tarts (the food kind, anyway, and some of the human ones as well). Sweet or savory, fancy or down-to-earth, quiches, Because Pie, apple pie, lemon meringue, …

What I don’t like… Continue reading

Good Stock Continue reading

The other day, I stumbled upon this recipe, on the PeTA-website of all places. I am less… um… enthusiastic about being a vegetarian than the people at PeTA, but I found the idea of vegetarian buffalo chicken wings very intriguing. And since Hubby does eat meat but won’t turn up his nose at vegetarian alternatives (on the contrary, really), I thought that putting this recipe to the test in a side-by-side tasting would be fun. Continue reading

So I have this pie dish. I ordered it online after a month-long obsession with owning a pie dish (I blame that on having previously vacationed in the US) and a few futile searches for one in local (in)convenience stores.

You see, Germany has never really gotten the hang of pies. We make cakes and tortes, we build cars and highraise buildings, we don’t bake pies. So yeah, I got it online, eventually. It’s deep dish, light green on the outside, cream colored on the inside, and has this lovely rippled border (yes, I could just take a picture and show it to you, like I did with the hasselback potatoes, but seriously: where’s the fun in that?).

So it’s just delicious in itself. My mouth waters whenever I look at it. Or think of it, for that matter. Right now, for example, I’m practically drooling all over my keyboard, which is mildly upsetting because it’s not even actually mine. Continue reading