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For the forum’s Secret Santa this year, I made a little snow bunny.

Für das Wichteln im habe ich dieses Jahr ein kleines Schneehaserl gefädelt. Continue reading

I have been addicted to the ThreadABead patterns for some time now. A while ago I bought their pattern for Wendabella, the little beaded peyote witch. She’s so adorable with her stripey stockings!

So langsam würde ich mich als ThreadABead-süchtig bezeichnen. Ich hab’s schon wieder getan! :S
Diesmal habe ich mir die Anleitung für die “kleine” Wendabella geleistet, eine putzige Hexe mit gestreiften Strümpfen. ^^ Continue reading

… thy leaves are so unending and beads-consuming!

… wie aufwändig und perlenfressend sind deine Blätter!

Continue reading

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon this great site full of adorable and gorgeous bead patterns, called Thread A Bead.

I believe I had done an Internet search for beaded Christmas presents or tree decorations – but I can’t be sure what I had been looking for because everything went haywire when I happened upon yonder site and the sheer cornucopia of  ideas (and instructions) for Christmas presents! Within (what feels like) seconds, I had bought four of their patterns and was ready to give myself over to absolute beading frenzy.

Let’s take a look at the presents of Christmas past that resulted from said frenzy. Continue reading