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There has been a sad, sad lack of new recipes on my blog recently. I hope you’re not going hungry on my account!? 😉

Here’s a tiny dish for your next office party or simply for when hunger strikes.

In letzter Zeit habe ich eindeutig zu wenige Rezepte gepostet! Hoffentlich ist deswegen noch niemand verhungert!? 😉

Hier also ein kleines Rezept für einen Brotaufstrich/Dip, der eigentlich viel zu einfach geht. Vor allem dafür, wie lecker er ist! Continue reading

For Mother’s Day, I gave my mom this bracelet I call “The Summer”.

Meine Mutter bekam zum Muttertag dieses Jahr ein Armband, das ich “Der Sommer” nenne. Continue reading


Summer = three months-long lethargy due to instant sweat attacks upon the smallest exertion.

The only things to actually do during these months are swimming in cool water and eating ice cream. However, for some reason the powers that be have managed to make these two things all but mutually exclusive. Continue reading

This is my sister-in-law’s mother’s recipe, and the former passed it on to me during the time the two of us shared an apartment with my brother. That sentence sounds weird but I’m pretty sure it’s grammatically and factually correct.

Anyway, this is tasty stuff and very easy to whip up. Continue reading