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The search for the best pumpkin soup of them all is over!

I know it’s entirely possible that you hadn’t started searching yet. But know that, should you ever start a search for the best pumpkin soup, you need to look no further. There simply is no better pumpkin soup on Earth than this one! Continue reading

Hasselback Potatoes are one of those dishes I’ve been meaning to try out for a while now, but never got around to it because it always seemed easier to just boil and mash the potatoes I had. And I adore mashed potaoes. They’re my favorite food at the moment. Especially with some roast garlic and cream cheese in them. And nutmeg. I love nutmeg. It’s important. Continue reading

… even if the sauce does not consist of anthropophile’s delight but of another very special ingredient, it is still the best one-ingredient-sauce you’ll ever meet! Introducing

Beurre Noisette

Continue reading