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ice cream

Just a quick update on the things I’ve been doing.

They are good things!

Real good things!

Here, let me show you!

Nur ein kurzes Update zu den Dingen, die sich in letzter Zeit in meiner Küche abgespielt haben.

Das waren guuuute Dinge!

Da, guck!

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Summer = three months-long lethargy due to instant sweat attacks upon the smallest exertion.

The only things to actually do during these months are swimming in cool water and eating ice cream. However, for some reason the powers that be have managed to make these two things all but mutually exclusive. Continue reading

I love limericks! They are my favorite form of poetry (right behind Rilke, that is, of course, who is in a league of his own!). What with all of their humor and frequent innuendos and such, they’re right up my alley!

May I recite two of my favorite limericks for you? The first one is relevant to my field of study (psychology), and was told to me by the Best Housemate of Them All:

A young schizophrenic called Ruther,

When told of the death of his mother,

said: “Well, that’s too bad! But still, I’m not sad –

After all, I still have each other!” Continue reading