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This will be the last dragon post for a while, I promise. It’s just that making these sparkly creatures is very addictive, and so the Fancy Dragons had to have a baby right away! ^^

Das hier ist der letzte Drachen-Post für eine Weile, versprochen. Es ist nur so, dass die beiden Funkeldrachen seit heute einen putzigen Nachwuchs haben, den ich unbedingt herzeigen muss. Continue reading

Aventopamethysta seems a little lonely, sparkling around all by herself. But what to do? These Fancy Dragons are a rare breed, and finding a mate is a bit of a long shot.

Aventopamethysta wirkt ein wenig einsam, wie sie so alleine durch die Gegend glitzert. Aber was will man machen? Diese Funkeldrachen sind sehr selten und es ist einfach schwierig für sie, einen Gefährten zu finden. Continue reading

I have been addicted to the ThreadABead patterns for some time now. A while ago I bought their pattern for Wendabella, the little beaded peyote witch. She’s so adorable with her stripey stockings!

So langsam würde ich mich als ThreadABead-süchtig bezeichnen. Ich hab’s schon wieder getan! :S
Diesmal habe ich mir die Anleitung für die “kleine” Wendabella geleistet, eine putzige Hexe mit gestreiften Strümpfen. ^^ Continue reading

Beaded jewelry is so versatile! Leafing through magazines or books on beading, I sometimes stumble upon the most far-out designs for beaded things that look like something completely different. Like ruffled fabric, for example. Or a belt buckle.

Es ist einfach faszinierend, dass man kleine Saatperlen so aneinander fädeln kann, dass etwas entsteht, das aussieht wie etwas völlig anderes. Gerüschter Stoff zum Beispiel. Oder eine Gürtelschnalle. Continue reading

Aaaaand here’s another one. 🙂

Und noch eins! 🙂 Continue reading

Not too long ago, Zoey postet a Cellini Triangle over on the board. She was kind enough to also share a link to the instructions.

I have been fascinated by the idea of this intricate looking but easy-peasy pendant ever since, and now I have finally gotten around to making my own labyrinthine triangle!

Seit Zoey im letzten Oktober ihre Cellini Dreiecke im Perlentier-Forum gepostet hat – netterweise hat sie auch gleich den Link zur Anleitung mitgeliefert – war ich fasziniert von deren labyrinth-artig verschlungener Form. Gestern bin ich endlich dazu gekommen, auch eines zu fädeln! Continue reading

Another day, another contest on! 😀

This time, it  was all about beaded collectible figurines – anthropomorphic animals in kitschy-fancy dresses. You should absolutely go check out the contributions! There are some creative people out there!

I entered a little fairy bear as well as a bunny dame I developed myself.

[Deutsche Version am Seitenende! :)]

Continue reading

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon this great site full of adorable and gorgeous bead patterns, called Thread A Bead.

I believe I had done an Internet search for beaded Christmas presents or tree decorations – but I can’t be sure what I had been looking for because everything went haywire when I happened upon yonder site and the sheer cornucopia of  ideas (and instructions) for Christmas presents! Within (what feels like) seconds, I had bought four of their patterns and was ready to give myself over to absolute beading frenzy.

Let’s take a look at the presents of Christmas past that resulted from said frenzy. Continue reading

Now that I’m back, all I ever seem to want to write about is cats! I’m really sorry if you don’t like cats (mostly because you’re missing out, in my opinion), and I promise, the next post will deal with something completely different. But this one is about a kitty once more. Continue reading

A couple of weeks ago I had a real bum trip of a day. I was just trying to get through my jet-lag somehow, and on top of that I had just found out about a screw-up at work because I made the mistake of reading my work e-mail. I was dead-tired, exhausted, and had a small panic attack in front of my computer. But being good and brave, trying to stay awake and having stopped shaking, I dragged myself to the store. On my way back, a total stranger came up behind me, and passing me she said: “That is a beautiful hairstyle”! I now know what it means for someone to make your day. Continue reading