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We were at a diner near Lake Tahoe when I was first introduced to the idea of the Monte Cristo Sandwich. I say “idea of” because I didn’t dare order it since I was sort of afraid of our waiter and didn’t think he’d approve of my changing up the ingredients too much.

Yes, I wanted to be cool for our waiter, so I missed out on my first Monte Cristo opportunity! I’m sorry, Younger Me! I wish I’d been there to save you this pain! Continue reading

Everybody loves quiche. And it’s a very good, easy weeknight dinner whenever you’re completely uninspired and your pantry is devoid of anything coherent. Continue reading

My bathroom smells like breakfast at Starbucks. So does my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the third time.

Let’s recap. Continue reading

Wow, lemon curd! Who knew?

I don’t think we do lemon curd in Germany, so I never knew its deliciousness until I made my own from a recipe by bell’alimento two days ago. It was super easy, and took me only one pot and one jar (bell’alimento used a bowl as well, so I cut a third off the dish-age – yay me and my sink). Continue reading

My bathroom smelled like Starbucks the other day. So did my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the second time.

Here’s the thing: I really hated the smell of scrambled eggs the shampoo left me with last time. So much so that I was willing to take drastic measures against it. I had read about people using coffee grounds in their shampoo, for a better smell, a nice peeling effect, and degreasing. I didn’t have any coffee grounds, but I had instant espresso…

*dunnDunDuunnn* Continue reading

My bathroom smells like scrambled eggs. So does my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the first time today. I thought it might be worth a try since my scalp has been acting up a little lately, even though I’ve already switched from high-SLS-shampoos to very mild ones. I’ve never before washed my hair without any form of soap or tenside, so I’m really curious about the results. The internet assures me that this all-natural, right-out-of-the-fridge-and-pantry-concoction actually cleans and nourishes hair. So let’s see. Continue reading

I enjoy finding yummy vegetarian alternatives to meat-containing classics. In this spirit, I have thought long and hard about spaghetti carbonara today, a dish I have always loved and don’t usually dare to order in a restaurant with the addendum “but please make it vegetarian”. In very high-end Italian restaurants they might come up with a tasty alternative to the bacon, but usually, there would be only the eggs and sometimes *gasp* cream (heresy, I say! Heresy!!), which is money and calories right out the window. No, wait, the calories would go to the hips,of course, but without a tasty experience! That’s just wasteful. Wasteful of calories. Continue reading

The other day I was feeling peckish. Like I usually do when I get that feeling, I opened the fridge to see what I could see. What I saw was a whole lot of things not fit to fight my peckishness, eggs, no milk, sparkling wine, butter, tomatoes (next to the fridge <– valuable piece of information… no?) and a toastable pita pocket. So I made a scrambled-eggs-stuffed-pita pocket. End of story, hope you liked it.

lActually, wait – there’s more! Continue reading

So I have this pie dish. I ordered it online after a month-long obsession with owning a pie dish (I blame that on having previously vacationed in the US) and a few futile searches for one in local (in)convenience stores.

You see, Germany has never really gotten the hang of pies. We make cakes and tortes, we build cars and highraise buildings, we don’t bake pies. So yeah, I got it online, eventually. It’s deep dish, light green on the outside, cream colored on the inside, and has this lovely rippled border (yes, I could just take a picture and show it to you, like I did with the hasselback potatoes, but seriously: where’s the fun in that?).

So it’s just delicious in itself. My mouth waters whenever I look at it. Or think of it, for that matter. Right now, for example, I’m practically drooling all over my keyboard, which is mildly upsetting because it’s not even actually mine. Continue reading