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Als kleines Vorweihnachtsgeschenk veröffentliche ich heute meine Anleitung für diesen dreiköpfigen Drachen. Continue reading

Bead & Button Magazine has just published my tutorial for this cute little dragon guy – whom I thought up based on my Sparklebabydragon – in their B&B Extra – an online publication for Bead & Button subscribers. I am over the moon! 🙂

Die Amerikanische Zeitschrift Bead & Button hat gerade meine Anleitung für diesen süß-gefährlichen Drachen veröffentlicht, den ich auf der Basis meines Funkelbabydrachens entwickelt habe. Die Anleitung erscheint in B&B Extra, einem Online-Extraheft für Abonnenten der Bead & Button. Ich freu mich so, das darf ich gar nicht laut sagen! 🙂 Continue reading

This will be the last dragon post for a while, I promise. It’s just that making these sparkly creatures is very addictive, and so the Fancy Dragons had to have a baby right away! ^^

Das hier ist der letzte Drachen-Post für eine Weile, versprochen. Es ist nur so, dass die beiden Funkeldrachen seit heute einen putzigen Nachwuchs haben, den ich unbedingt herzeigen muss. Continue reading

Aventopamethysta seems a little lonely, sparkling around all by herself. But what to do? These Fancy Dragons are a rare breed, and finding a mate is a bit of a long shot.

Aventopamethysta wirkt ein wenig einsam, wie sie so alleine durch die Gegend glitzert. Aber was will man machen? Diese Funkeldrachen sind sehr selten und es ist einfach schwierig für sie, einen Gefährten zu finden. Continue reading

There is a fantasiabeads pattern for a cute dragon lady guarding two Rivoli. Her name is Saphira and this is what she looks like.

Bei Fantasiabeads gibt es die Anleitung für ein hübsches Drachenmädchen namens Saphira, das zwei funkelige Rivoli bewacht. Und so sieht sie aus. Continue reading

Aaaaand here’s another one. 🙂

Und noch eins! 🙂 Continue reading


Okay, so, dragons.

They lend themselves very well to bead craft projects because they’re supposed to be scaly, all lizard-like, but not lizards who can be quite boring, what with their lack of wings and fiery breath. Continue reading

Look, I won’t pretend to know a lot about the Welsh. But from the little that I do know, I think they’re very different – in a good way – from everybody else. For example, they have two official languages, one of which is positively ancient. While many celtic languages are facing extinction, Cymraeg (Welsh) seems to have a pretty good chance of survival since a high percentage of Welsh people (mostly in rural areas) still speak it as their mother tongue. Also, the country itself has an ancient feel to it, what with all the medieval castles and cobblestone houses.

And, maybe most importantly, while the rest of the world use the Lion or the Eagle as their heraldic animal (nothing wrong with those, of course), the Welsh are badass enough to use a Red Dragon in their flag! Continue reading

A day or so after I had finished beading my first baby dragon, I found out that there was a contest on a beading website I had discovered shortly beforehand. Because it coincided so well with my production of… Continue reading

(One of these days, I’m gonna take the beading/beating puns too far and get hate-mail from animal rights activists or something…)

Similar to the way in which my new hair-do-hobby led to beading necklaces and bracelets, the beading necklaces and bracelets led to beading animals. Continue reading