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This recipe was inspired by Sprinkle Bakes’ Triple Decker Maple Peanutbutter Pretzel Fudge.

Okay, I totally, unabashedly stole her flavor combination idea because I thought that sounded like a cracker of a fudge flavor. 😀 Continue reading

Up until last year, I had never really appreciated fudge. It found it to be tooth-achingly sweet, obnoxiously sugary, and kind of grainy.

But then, for some reason, it totally hit me – fudge! It has chocolate! Continue reading

That beautiful lemon curd I made the other day had so far mainly been spread onto English Muffins and waffles for breakfast.

Yesterday night I wanted something a little more sophisticated and dessert-like. The sophistication is detectable in the finished dish in terms of its cultivated look and superior taste only, because it’s a real breeze to make. Continue reading

I don’t often actively ponder the difference between muffins and cupcakes. However, given their obvious similarities, I am sometimes surprised at the somnambulistic confidence everyone exhibits in telling them apart (everyone except Germans, because here, everything baked in a muffin… Continue reading

Easter is over, I do realize that. But I cannot blog about my making easter eggs myself before the fact, now can I? There you go. Continue reading