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Now that I’m back, all I ever seem to want to write about is cats! I’m really sorry if you don’t like cats (mostly because you’re missing out, in my opinion), and I promise, the next post will deal with something completely different. But this one is about a kitty once more. Continue reading

Two little piggies,

male, tabby and white

moved in with Westmonster

their future was bright. Continue reading

The Internet is full of things that are on people’s minds. If the amount of a certain thing on the internet is representative of the amount of head-space that particular thing takes up in the average person’s head then the minds of people are chock-full of cats. Continue reading

I recently got a pattern for the cutest little beaded kitty from a fellow beader, and so I am currently working on making a grey tabby with a white face. I thought I’d share a couple of work-in-progress pics. Continue reading

I’m amazed at my stubby fingers. They actually managed to bead a kitty that could sit comfortably on my thumbnail … if either of us had any sense of balance! Continue reading