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There has been a sad, sad lack of new recipes on my blog recently. I hope you’re not going hungry on my account!? 😉

Here’s a tiny dish for your next office party or simply for when hunger strikes.

In letzter Zeit habe ich eindeutig zu wenige Rezepte gepostet! Hoffentlich ist deswegen noch niemand verhungert!? 😉

Hier also ein kleines Rezept für einen Brotaufstrich/Dip, der eigentlich viel zu einfach geht. Vor allem dafür, wie lecker er ist! Continue reading

Sorry about the lack of a picture – this stuff is so good that I couldn’t take a picture before it was all gone. 😀

Jetzt neu mit Deutscher Version am Seitenende. Continue reading

We were at a diner near Lake Tahoe when I was first introduced to the idea of the Monte Cristo Sandwich. I say “idea of” because I didn’t dare order it since I was sort of afraid of our waiter and didn’t think he’d approve of my changing up the ingredients too much.

Yes, I wanted to be cool for our waiter, so I missed out on my first Monte Cristo opportunity! I’m sorry, Younger Me! I wish I’d been there to save you this pain! Continue reading