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A very nicely done e-book with beading instructions I recently purchased inspired me to take up bookbinding. I wanted to turn the e-book into an actual book (because I like books), and so I did. And when I was finished, I wanted to bind some more beading patterns into a bigger book. And so I did. Look!

Ein wunderbar aufgemachtes E-Book mit Perlen-Anleitungen, das ich neulich gekauft habe, hat mich inspiriert, dieses und mehrere andere Anleitungen in Buchform zu binden.  Continue reading

I used to think that I couldn’t sew. Now that I’ve tried it I can’t remember why I thought that.

Ein paar Worte auf deutsch am Ende der Seite.

Continue reading

The creative mind behind, Christiane Brüning, recently published a new book with patterns for all sorts of little beaded figurines for many occasions throughout the year.

The beaded dolls in this book range from tiny to thumb-sized (which, come to think of it, is also tiny), and I just couldn’t wait to get started with one of the bigger dolls, from the “Easter” section: the Easter Bunny. Continue reading

Learning, while we’re assured time and again by teachers, parents, grandparents and random people in the street that it should be fun, can be a tough and tedious process. It is almost always hard to learn to do something very, very well – like blogging eloquently – but it is always fun to actually do that thing you learned and realize that you can, in fact, do it well. And since we’re assured by teachers etc. that learning will and should be an integral part of our lives for the rest of our lives, here’s what some random people in the street/more or less famous people thought and said of it. Continue reading

I was flipping through my quote journal when I noticed a recurring theme, popping up all over the place, on every second page or so. A topic close to almost everyone’s heart (in the best sense of the expression). Continue reading

This is to break in a brand new category on my blog: Quotes!

I love quotes, from movies, books, people… Always have, always will.

The first version of my diploma thesis was studded with quotes (one referencing the contents of… Continue reading

After having resisted for years, I finally caved in to the pressure of the amazon front page kindle advertisements. Continue reading

One of the three or four books I’m reading at the moment is Replay by Ken Grimwood.

Dang, this is a cool book! Continue reading

As you may have derived from the title of this post, I’m currently reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I am now on page 100 or so, and sometimes I literally cringe when reading this book. Continue reading


I know I am, as always, a couple of decades behind, having just now finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. But – oh! What a book! What a writer! What a poet! Continue reading