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Just a quick update on the state of my accessory drawer: There’s been sparkle there for a couple of weeks, and I’m not afraid to use it!

The sparkly accessory I would like to introduce you to today is pretty much your standard U-shaped pin with a twinkling plastic diamond on top, and I think it is originally intended for bridal updo accentuation. I love these pins, and this is what they look like:

As you can see, they are shiny and pretty, and a little stronger than the more everyday U-pins pictured at the bottom. Other than that, no difference, and they are used in the same way as their more pedestrian brethren: stick through the ‘do, give them a little turn, picking up some hair close to the scalp, and shove back into the ‘do.

Here are three examples of hairstyles I made over the past few weeks using these glittering pins.


Sparkly Swirls

This hairdo came about when I had tried to achieve a Gibson Tuck which never ever works with my slippery tresses. I twisted the overhanging strands of hair in on themselves and pinned them using the sparkly hair-toys.


Sparkly International Loop

I’m rather proud of this little Dutch and Chinese concoction.

I started by Dutch braiding the hair on the top middle of my head back to the crown, and finished it up normally (English). Next, I made a Chinese Bun with all the rest of my hair, and pinned the braid in a loop on top of it with one of my glitzy pins.

Sorry for the crappy picture, btw. My hair was wet when I did it up, and that always makes it look kind of funny and frizzy when it dries.


SB² (Sparkly Braided Side-Bun)

This is a hairstyle I’ve worn a lot over the past couple of weeks. Sometimes with sparkle added, sometimes without. It’s a Dutch perimeter braid I always start on the top right and braid to the bottom left. It usually makes that nice swoop all by itself. When there is no hair left to add into the Dutch perimeter braid, i braid it normally to the end and bun it. It’s a fairly quick, but very effective style, I think. Especially when the lovely wedding-style pins are used to secure the bun.

I’ve gotten great comments for this one, by the way! Someone even asked me whether I could do that all by myself. 🙂

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