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… for not posting for so long.

There were a couple of major changes in my life that occupied my time and my mind especially.

For one, I finished my doctoral thesis in February 2013 and passed my final exam in June. Yay me! 😀

Secondly, my fiancé and I moved into our new house in May 2013 and adopted three kittens in September.

In case you are not familiar with adding cats to your life: Yes, three kittens are a huge change and they do occupy a lot of time and mind-space! I want a fourth, though.

That is all the major changes I can think of right now, and I don’t know if they make for a good excuse for not posting in months, but I promise improvement. I have some posts about beaded stuff lined up, and there are a couple of vacations I haven’t blogged about yet. Recipes as well, I haven’t been using my new, humongous kitchen as prolificly as I should have, though. I got a new camera, too, and I am hesitant to get it all flour-dusty and sticky while snapping pictures of food. :rolleyes:

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