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People who design patterns for beaded jewelery or figurines and make them available for free download online have a special place in my heart! Alexis, for example, from Alexis’ Beads has a plethora of patterns on her website, and I have gotten the greatest results recreating her designs! I don’t even know the girl, but I love her so much!


Today, I’d just like to show you the Princessa bracelet I made from her pattern.


Because I’m a huuuuge sucker for purple, I altered the colors, and I also omitted some of the embellishments because I thought the bracelet was more suitable for everyday this way. This is what I ended up with.

As you can see, I added the rotund fringe at the first and last element only. I had another one in the middle, but removed it again because I like the look of the “naked” smaller design without the fringe so much.

The bracelet also has this genius beaded clasp I already showed you on the Thetis necklace and bracelet.

I have worn this bracelet to work as well as to a wedding. It was of course better suited for the latter occasion, but it’s definitely not too showy for work or going out with friends!

I just love it!

Huuuuuge thank you to Alexis!

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