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Today, I would like to share my very basic beading equipment organizing system.

I used to store my beads along with my tools, string, and wire in a perfume gift box, and now that I have found my final solution, the box still holds my instruction books and some string on a large spool. I will show you my final solution in a minute, but let’s have a quick look at my interim system, that is still a very good approach to storing beads – especially if you like to take them with you wherever you go!

Before my bead supply’s last growth spurt, I kept next to everything in a small beader’s suitcase by plano creative options I had bought at Wal Mart for about eight bucks. It was the perfect size for my bead supply then. The suitcase held beads and clasps as well as my scissors, wire, and lighter. But thread, bigger wire spools, and needles along with some other crafts equipment had to be stored in my perfume gift box because the suitcase was too small for those.

Here’s what the suitcase looks like:

The compartments are an exact fit for the round bead boxes, and they are flexible, too.


I put resin beads of various colors and sizes threaded on string into one partition,


and beads in plastic baggies into another.


There was enough room for my buttons and clasps,


but it was a snug fit for my tools.


What I love about the suitcase is that I can pour larger amounts of beads straight into separate partitions. Whenever I want to use some of them, I just scoop them out with the lid of a bead box. These three compartments are the only ones still in use after the migration of everything else to the cabinet. When the suitcase is closed, you can shake it like a polaroid picture and the beads will still stay put in their separate compartments!


When the suitcase did finally become too small to hold all of my beads, I bought a new storage cabinet at a hardware store. It is intended for small tools and screws, but fits my bead boxes almost perfectly.


So here’s my final solution, the cabinet with the gift box on top:

The partitions in the top two drawers hold up to eight bead boxes each. The bigger drawer at the bottom has room for finished projects and some larger items, and there’s also a compartment at the top of the cabinet that is perfect for storing needles, scissors, etc.. The bright orange handles have to be pressed down in order for the drawers to slide open, so you can carry the whole thing around without having to fear that the drawers will fall out.

Here’s what all the compartments and drawers look like at the moment.

The top compartment. Finally, a comfortable place for my scissors, lighter, needles, etc.

The top drawer. I have organized my seed and resin beads according to color (groups) rather than size. The middle partition holds metallic colored beads.

The middle drawer. I keep all my faceted beads here, on the right. There aren’t enough of them to sort according to colors, although I have put the green-yellow color tones in one compartment and the blue-purple ones into the other. The larger, middle compartment has red and pink seed and resin beads.

The bottom drawer. There are some finished projects and gift bags on the right, also some Fimo and sparkly colored glue I intend on using very soon, and all of my threads, wires, and clasps are in here, too.


So far, I’m very happy with this organizing cabinet. It is a stackable system, too, so it will be possible to add a couple of drawers after my next visit to one of those debauching online bead shops…

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