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I sewed a doorstop. Would you have guessed that from the title of this post?


(Me neither.)

But the doorstop is awesome, check it out! 🙂

About two years ago, my brother and s-i-l presented me with Kelly Doust’s beautiful book The crafty minx. It contains a lot of fun and easy enough ideas for little crafty projects. But since many of the projects are sewing-related and, until recently, I was convinced that I could not sew, the book simply existed on my shelf with no real purpose but to look pretty.

Now that I am convinced that I can, in fact, sew, I have marked – wait [counting] – 19 projects in the book as “to do at my earliest convenience”. Not all of them are sewing projects. I seem to have opened my soul to all kinds of fun crafts projects now that I sew.

Before this post gets too esoteric, I should just show you my pretty little doorstop. Look!


I had two sets of textile placemats I never used because I’d have had to iron them.

I know, don’t start. I don’t like pointless activities unless they’re fun, and ironing is pointless (everything will just go and crumple up again) and not fun.

So due to my laziness I had access to sturdy fabric in two matching pretty colors.

You’re supposed to cut out four rectangles and two squares for this doorstop. I got most of the material out of two placemats. However, for the second square, I would have had to cut up a third placemat, so I cut two triangles from the two placemats I had already cut up and sewed them together to form the second square.

I think that gives the doorstop a little something special.

The egg on the purple fabric (from IKEA) is just an added bonus. 🙂


When I first picked the doorstop as my debut project from Kelly’s book, I thought it would be much, much smaller.

The finished size is ca. 18×12 cm/7×4.7 inches.

mit Lineal

If I make another one, I’ll definitely downsize.

There’s two kilos of dry rice in there, and some cotton.

[Hey, this could be my secret stash of emergency food for the zombie apocalypse! :D]

If you’re into sewing at all and have doors at home, definitely give this project a try!

It’s a bit fiddly to add the final two sides, but it’s definitely doable. This was my second sewing project, mind you!

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