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The Metric Kitchen offers conversions for all sorts of ingredients (e. g. what is 1 cup of flour in grams) as well as a °F – °C-calculator! Awesome!

Conversion Calculator at Science of Cooking


Tips and Tricks: Food

Make your own buttermilk: pour 1 tbsp of lemon juice into your 1-cup-measure and fill it up with milk. Let it stand for ~5 mins and it will become gloopy and overall unseemly: buttermilk! (I don’t like buttermilk, can you tell?)

Candy making stages – with and without a thermometer at Science of Cooking. With pictures and videos.

Layer Cake Tips at smitten kitchen

Check the Shelflife of any Food Products and how to store them, too, at StillTasty.

A baker’s dozen of useful food tips can be found at Girl vs. Dough



“Food Cravings? Here is what your body really wants” at Daily Transformations

50 foods that fill you up at iVillage




Tips and Tricks: Crafty Stuff

Three great tips for threading a needle



Build your own furniture! Plan Catalogue at Ana White’s



Tips for the first-time-gardener at mother nature network

Growing Perennial Vegetables – “Plant once, eat always” at The Telegraph

Tips for a low-maintenance, yet fruitful garden at eartheasy

Gardening resources from Cornell University

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