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The most recent most bestest thing that happened to me is my niece.

I like babies fine, you see, but I’m not one of those women who go “ooohhh, where’s the ittybittylittleboopiepoooooo?” before going “THEREsheis, yessheis, oooohhh, she’s soooo preeeeetty!”. Nope, that’s not how I roll around babies. I usually don’t roll around babies at all, but definitely not like that!

I’m more a “Oh hi there. You’re kinda cute, did you know that?” kinda gal. I do appreciate cuteness when I meet it and I do tell cute babies that they are indeed that – cute babies. But I don’t overdo it. And I don’t think all babies are cute by default. There are ugly-butt babies out there, don’t you know it! To them I will say, because I’m a nice person: “Oh hi there. You must be Bernie’s girl. I hear you sleep a lot, good for you!” And I’ll leave it at that.

Anywho, my niece? She’s cute. And it’s not just because of my genes, you know. For one, she is very, very small (she’s been in this world for almost a month now, but she was supposed to stay in that belly until sometime next week, so yeah, she’s small alright), which makes cute her basic setting. Small things are almost always cute, don’t you think? I think so, and this is my blog, so small things are cute. For one more, she has a blond streak in her hair. Nuff said.

I like to buy her things. I will be her godmother, so I have actual permission to buy her things. And I always try to make it educational little gifts or hats with ears, so she can live and learn and make something of herself! And look cute in the process. Which she does, I don’t know if I mentioned that.

My point? I have a niece. I am an aunt. And there’s an English-German pun in the title of this post that makes me chuckle. 🙂

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