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Learning, while we’re assured time and again by teachers, parents, grandparents and random people in the street that it should be fun, can be a tough and tedious process. It is almost always hard to learn to do something very, very well – like blogging eloquently – but it is always fun to actually do that thing you learned and realize that you can, in fact, do it well. And since we’re assured by teachers etc. that learning will and should be an integral part of our lives for the rest of our lives, here’s what some random people in the street/more or less famous people thought and said of it.


Thomas A. Edison, I’m sure, saw learning as an opportunity, while also realizing that it can be hard to do at times:

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.


I know I’ve quoted from that book before, but Douglas Coupland just has such an interesting way of conveying rather simple, yet important, messages, that I just can’t help it.

So there.

Life After God, p. 65 (Pages may vary):

There was a pretty grey parakeet who had learned to recognize human things – triangle shapes and car keys and the color blue – and to speak the words for them. This little parakeet worked so hard to remember these things, and it had an efficient faraway female voice like a telephone operator in Texas. The parakeet made me realize how hard it is to learn anything in life, and even then, it’s not guaranteed you might need it.

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