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A couple of weeks ago I had a real bum trip of a day. I was just trying to get through my jet-lag somehow, and on top of that I had just found out about a screw-up at work because I made the mistake of reading my work e-mail. I was dead-tired, exhausted, and had a small panic attack in front of my computer. But being good and brave, trying to stay awake and having stopped shaking, I dragged myself to the store. On my way back, a total stranger came up behind me, and passing me she said: “That is a beautiful hairstyle”! I now know what it means for someone to make your day.

Actually, this ‘do hasn’t failed to make my day by having someone compliment me on it every time I’ve worn it. It is darn pretty if you manage to hide the tail of the braid coming up, but with that you just gotta get creative for your current hair length.

What do I mean by “hide the tail of the braid coming up”? Right. Yes. I should tell you how to make it, otherwise that sentence makes no sense whatsoever. Sorry if your brain made any funny associations because of that.

This ‘do starts out the same way as my previous favorite hairstyle:

Just braid your hair diagonally Dutch style and once you run out of hair to add, braid the rest of your length of hair normally/English .

But then, instead of bunning the tail, you bring it upwards alongside the Dutch braided part.

That way, it will look like there are two Dutch braids side by side on your head.

Now the only thing to do is “hide the tail of the braid coming up”, however many inches/yards/mouse-toe-lengths you have left.

The first time I wore this I brought the tail over the crown of my head to the other side and pinned it there. Another time, I have also managed to hide it underneath one of the two braids and pin it there. If your hair is shorter, hiding it will be easier because the braid might not go all the way back up to the crown of your head. And if your hair is very long, just go ahead and wrap the braid all around your head.

Whatever length of hair you’re dealing with: Give this style a try, it will make your day!

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