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I recently got a pattern for the cutest little beaded kitty from a fellow beader, and so I am currently working on making a grey tabby with a white face. I thought I’d share a couple of work-in-progress pics.

Here’s what I’ve got so far: The head, which is stuffed with cling film.

I think she’s already as cute as a baby bunny in a boot.

And yes, I am aware that cats are supposed to have two ears. I’m working on that.


You may be wondering why there are wires sticking out of poor kitty’s jaw.

Well, have you ever seen one of those circular right-angle-weave patterns for beaded animals, dolls, and the like?

This is a cut-out from the pattern for the cat. The yellow dots represent beads, the blue and red lines represent the thread. As you can see, there are beads marked A, B, C, and D along the outer edge of the pattern.

Those letters mark the beads where the ears have to be attached to the head.

The beads where the body will be attached to the head are labeled in a similar fashion in the pattern. I did not trust my brain to be able to identify those beads without any help, so I inserted teeny wire loops into the beads that are marked in the pattern so I would stand a chance to find them again once I got to making the body.

Wish me luck!

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