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Look, I won’t pretend to know a lot about the Welsh. But from the little that I do know, I think they’re very different – in a good way – from everybody else. For example, they have two official languages, one of which is positively ancient. While many celtic languages are facing extinction, Cymraeg (Welsh) seems to have a pretty good chance of survival since a high percentage of Welsh people (mostly in rural areas) still speak it as their mother tongue. Also, the country itself has an ancient feel to it, what with all the medieval castles and cobblestone houses.

And, maybe most importantly, while the rest of the world use the Lion or the Eagle as their heraldic animal (nothing wrong with those, of course), the Welsh are badass enough to use a Red Dragon in their flag! The associated motto: Y Ddraig Goch ddyry cychwyn (The Red Dragon gives impetus). There is a plethora of awesome tales surrounding the Red Dragon representing the Welsh, or the Celts. But let’s be honest here: Almost every story is awesome if there is a dragon in it!

Anyway, what was I going to tell you about? Ah, yes, my Red Dragons. When I visited Wales, I picked up a cute, stuffed version of the Red Dragon in a castle gift shop. It’s been living in my car, riding with me ever since. And as soon as I discovered the art of making 3D animals from beads, I knew I wanted to make a Red Dragon to keep the stuffed Dragon company, flying beneath my rear view mirror.

The instruction book on beading fantasy animals I bought contains three different dragon patterns. One has a beautiful, fierce head and elegantly arched, long neck, but stubby wings. The other has magnificent wings, but a boring, rounded head and stompy feet. And the dragon baby I’ve already shown you, has a pretty, arrowhead-shaped tail. For my Red Dragon, I combined the three patterns and made some adjustments to the legs, and produced this beauty:


Ultimately, she will find her place in my car and fly with me, but for now, she’s also pretty happy sitting on my hand.


The Dragon on the flag is all red, but I found that a little boring, so I gave her golden horns, toes, and spikes on her back to set her apart from the crowd.


Look at that beautifully arched neck and the gorgeous wings! Those are three darn great dragon-patters, and I’m glad that the combination worked out as well as it did, too.


Torsten Becker (the author of the instruction book) did an especially great job designing those wings. They are thoroughly thought-out and I think they look very life-like … as life-like as a fantastic creature can look, anyway.


Even though the “fingers” in the wings are very sturdy for a beaded creature, I had to stabilize them so the Dragon could lift them up and be ready to fly.

Aaaaand here she is, keeping her furry co-dragon (hiding at the very bottom of the picture) company and exploring the world with me.


I’ll admit, she’s a little distracting, with her great cornering ability and the way she digs in her heels when I break, but I’ll get used to that at some point and drive safe again. 😉

(Don’t worry, mom, I’m kidding, of course!)


Iechyd da i chwi yn awr ac yn oesoedd!

(Good health to you now and forever)


P.S.: In case you hadn’t noticed – this isn’t really a how-to, but another god-awful pun. Sorry!

19 Responses to How to Bead your Dragon

  • Atrea says:

    Wirklich hübsch dein Drache,das rot gefällt mir sehr gut und passt super!

  • admin says:

    Vielen Dank! 😀

  • MissGrun says:

    Can you pleeeeasee email me the pattern.. I really need it. ;___;

  • admin says:

    I am very sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately the pattern isn’t mine to distribute since it is a combination of three different patterns copyright of Torsten Becker. 🙁 Maybe you can get his book on amazon or ebay? It’s called “Fantasy-Perlentiere” and some of his books are also available in French and Spanish on and There’s a link in my post to the German amazon site where the book can be bought as well.

  • Wynter says:


    I accidentally stumbled upon this by a google search.

    I have the book you mentioned, could you please tell me which part is which dragon in it?
    Also approximately how many beads this beauty needed?



  • admin says:

    Hi Wynter

    The head, neck, and tail are from the blue dragon (the one with the wizard), rows 1-25 and 36-last.
    The body and wings are those of the big green dragon near the middle of the book, rows 17-30, but I continued the spikes from the blue dragon all the way down the back.
    The very tip of the tail is from the baby dragon, the last animal in the book. I think I took the hind legs from the blue dragon, but I can’t say for sure now.
    [when I write “rows”, I mean segments in between two black lines in the pattern]
    I hope this was clear? If not, please feel free to ask again! 😉

    As for the amount of beads needed: All in all it must have been about 40-50 grams in gold and two shades of red. Don’t nail me down to this, though, I made this guy a long time ago.

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


  • Wynter says:

    It was clear thank you.
    The first one is already done. (I say first one because it was supposed to be a gift but I’m so not giving away this little guy :)) ) Now I’m gonna start the next, and than I don’t want to see beads for a few weeks.


  • admin says:

    Oooooohhhh, can I see pictures? 😀

    And I think I had blisters on my fingers (and weird bead dreams for a couple of nights) after I finished that dragon, too. 😉

  • Wynter says:

    When I get home I’ll make some and post it.

  • admin says:

    Oh yay!! 😀
    Please do let me know where to find the pics! 🙂

  • Joyce Phillips says:

    What is the name of the book or if you have the link to where I can get the book would be wonderful.
    Thank you so very much!

  • admin says:

    Hi Joyce,

    thanks for stopping by!
    The book is called “Fantasy Perlentiere” and it is by Torsten Becker. Some of his books are also available in French and Spanish on and

    I hope this helps!

  • I would love to try your dragon out may I places have your Patterson thank you so much

  • admin says:

    Hi Miulana,

    thanks – I’m glad you like my little dragon!
    Unfortunately, the pattern isn’t mine to distribute since it is a combination of three different patterns copyright of Torsten Becker (see my comment from 18/02/2014 above for the specs). Maybe you can get his book on amazon or ebay? It’s called “Fantasy-Perlentiere” and some of his books are also available in French and Spanish on and There’s a link in my post to the German amazon site where the book can be bought as well.

    Happy dragon-making! 🙂

  • Thank you so much happy holidays

  • Sorry I can’t read it at all look at pictures

  • Sue Roscoe says:

    Bendigedig!! That means excellent in my mother tongue of Welsh! So glad you enjoyed your time here! Your dragon is absolutely beautiful. I intend to try and find the book and make one too. The Welsh dragon is an awesome sight in Wales

  • Diane D. says:

    Wonderful design synthesis!
    Unfortunately, I found there’s currently only one used copy offered at, for over $60! There’s no way I’m paying anywhere close to that much for a little book whose text parts are in German (not even French or Spanish, which I studied in college) 😢.
    I’ll hunt elsewhere.

  • admin says:

    Thank you, Diane, and – yikes! Yes, that’s a bit pricey, I agree. Good luck on your hunt!

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