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My bathroom smelled like Starbucks the other day. So did my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the second time.

Here’s the thing: I really hated the smell of scrambled eggs the shampoo left me with last time. So much so that I was willing to take drastic measures against it. I had read about people using coffee grounds in their shampoo, for a better smell, a nice peeling effect, and degreasing. I didn’t have any coffee grounds, but I had instant espresso…


So this is what I brewed up–and I would strongly advise against using the recipe I concocted:

1 egg

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp instant espresso (did I hear you say “yikes” just then? Yeah…)

1 tsp honey

> scrambled with a fork, then mixed with

4 tsp lemon juice

This time, I left the mix in for ca. 23 min, then rinsed it out with rather cold to lukewarm water for at least four minutes. And, lo and behold! No smell whatsoever. Not that I could tell, anyway. No hostile looks from strangers on the train either, so I’m fairly confident that the smell was actually no issue this time.

Neither was the shine and hair feel, by the way. My hair has a really nice sheen to it and looks a bit darker than usual, which I like. Also, I performed a wet assessment, which I had just learned about, and that went well, too.

But: my scalp was on fire after I’d applied the mix. I should probably have listened to the scalp of reason and washed it out right away. But, alas, the cauterizing feeling subsided after a couple of minutes. So I left it in. Now, three days later, my scalp feels a bit like an open wound. It seems very irritated, almost huffy. I think I should leave out the instant espresso next time.

The good news is, I improved my technique considerably, by moving the process of wetting my hair, wringing out the excess water, and applying the shampoo from the sink to the tub. Same mess, less trouble to clean up.


I know.

I conclude: I’ll have to repeat the experiment without the coffee once more.

Fingers crossed I don’t hurt myself any more than I have to.

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