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We were discussing groceries over breakfast today, and I advised against buying bananas because they always end up brown and all shriveled on the counter, and then I have to turn them into cake.

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We didn’t buy any bananas, so there probably won’t be any cake next week (re-insert devastated beaver-pic here).

I am only telling this little tale because the cake I made from week-before-last’s blackish-brown bananas ended up on Hubby’s Top 5 Cakes list. I thought it best to jot it down quickly, so I can treat us to a Top 5 Cake whenever we’ve earned it. Or when I feel like it. Or when it’s Tuesday and the sun is shining. Or when it’s cake o’clock somewhere.

So here it is:

Hubby’s Top 5 Cake List

1. Red Velvet Cheesecake Cake / Mud Cake from my 27. birthday (lost the recipe *facepalm*; re-insert devastated beaver-pic here)

3. Banana Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Crunch Cake from last week

4. Irish Coffee Cake (from Piece of Cake) with fabulous icing I brought to work for my 30th birthday

5. … that one cake with that special twist… nope, sorry, forever lost in time, and lost in space… and meaning. Neither of us can remember. Which, I’m sure, is why it’s only no.5.


By the by, these following cakes were very good as well, and are among

My personal favorites

(in no particular order because I just can’t bring myself to play favorites with cake)

Banana Cake with Vanilla Icing

Banana Berry Muffins (yes, muffins are cake)

Lemon Raspberry Bars (what is the specific definition of cake again?)

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