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Okay, so, dragons.

They lend themselves very well to bead craft projects because they’re supposed to be scaly, all lizard-like, but not lizards who can be quite boring, what with their lack of wings and fiery breath.

Plus, you can think up all kinds of different color schemes for them, whereas lizards (not counting chameleons) are usually green or brown… or black with yellow spots, or red-and-green, or … okay, but you get my point, right?

Dragons are fantasy creatures, so you can let your own creativity go crazy when thinking up dragon colors.

Jalaila, over at published a new dragon baby pattern recently to celebrate the fourth birthday of her website in October. She invited anyone interested to make at least two baby dragons in different colors from this pattern and send her a picture which she would then publish on her site in October.

The pattern is easy enough and extremely satisfying, because you can get one of the little fellas done in two hours’ time. And the possibilities, color-wise, are endless!

So far, I’ve made three of these little guys.

Oh, look! There’s even an actual size reference in the picture!

Isn’t it amazing how far I’ve come, customer service-wise?

The first one was, of course, purple. Because purple is the color of mysticism, and nothing is mystical if not a dragon. And, let’s not kid ourselves, I just like purple. A lot. I don’t know if you can tell from the color scheme on my blog here, maybe.

Anywho. Purple dragon baby it was. And I really tried to make it layered and interesting by using two colors – purple, as well as transparent and black beads. This one is also the only one with the baby-beginnings of a row of spikes on her back. And she has a white belly.

For the next one, I used mainly two types of green beads. Darker frosted beads, the look of which I just love, as well as light green glossy ones.

He looks almost dangerous, doesn’t he? He’s probably the oldest from the litter…

Sorry, I had another weird doll-lady moment there.

And the third dragon is white, with just a touch of purple and black. In combination with the transparent white beads, I think the purple beads look almost brown, though.

Also, I used nylon thread for the body of the white dragon, instead of wire, just to let the white really shine. The legs and wings are made of wire, though, so the little dragon girl can stand up and arch her wings.

That’s probably more technical data about these dragon kids than you really needed or wanted, so here’s another picture of a cute baby dragon face to send you off:

“Bye now! Don’t be a stranger!”

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