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Now that I’m back, all I ever seem to want to write about is cats! I’m really sorry if you don’t like cats (mostly because you’re missing out, in my opinion), and I promise, the next post will deal with something completely different. But this one is about a kitty once more.

A beaded kitty.

The one I showed you in progress, aeons ago.

I finished it!

This was one of a couple of half-finished beading projects I had in my toolbox when we moved.

I started it at my old place and finished here. And it wasn’t even the first thing I made over here.

I think I kept putting this project off mostly because – this cat? It is huge! For a beaded animal, anyway.

But it’s also especially adorable, even for a beaded animal.


I will try my darndest not to have one of my crazy doll lady-moments. So let’s preclude my possible craziness and just have a picture already.


Ta-daaa! 😀

kitty stuffed kl

Ain’t she cute?

I even treated her to some whiskers so she would look even more realistic.


The pattern is from LeaLea beads. They have loads of really cute stuff over there.

Romy was not very interested in this fellow kitty. She just gave it a quick sniff and then went about her business.

Romy und kitty

Funny story: I began making this cutie waaaay before I ever met our cats. But the “fur” pattern on this one is pretty much the same as the one our real kitties sport! Can you say kismet? Or coinkidink? 😀

kitty hindsight

On another note:

Aaaawwww,  look! She wants you to play with her!

kitty playwithme

Alright, alright, sorry!

Crazy doll lady-moment is over! Put away the straitjacket, please, I’m leaving quietly.

She is cute, though, isn’t she?

4 Responses to Cats everywhere!

  • Juli Fife says:

    I would be interested in the pattern. How might I acquire it?

  • admin says:

    Hi Juli, thanks for stopping by!
    I have now added a link to the pattern in the post. ^^

  • Elizabeth Smith says:

    Is there any chance you might make and sell one?

  • admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by!
    That is one cute kitty, isn’t it? ^^ However, I would only consider making one to sell if this were my own pattern. Unfortunately, I am not the genius who came up with the adorable cat, and so it would not be my place to make and sell one.
    Thank you for asking, though, I feel flattered anyway! 🙂

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