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Making food

This recipe was inspired by Sprinkle Bakes’ Triple Decker Maple Peanutbutter Pretzel Fudge.

Okay, I totally, unabashedly stole her flavor combination idea because I thought that sounded like a cracker of a fudge flavor. 😀 Continue reading

Aaaaahhhhhhh. *yawn* Summer’s finally really over. Now comes the time of year when you while away the cold and stormy afternoons sitting by the window reading a book, all snuggled up in a blanket and sipping hot cocoa. Or tea. Or coffee. Or a carajillo. Continue reading

Up until last year, I had never really appreciated fudge. It found it to be tooth-achingly sweet, obnoxiously sugary, and kind of grainy.

But then, for some reason, it totally hit me – fudge! It has chocolate! Continue reading

Everybody loves quiche. And it’s a very good, easy weeknight dinner whenever you’re completely uninspired and your pantry is devoid of anything coherent. Continue reading

I love pies and all sorts of tarts (the food kind, anyway, and some of the human ones as well). Sweet or savory, fancy or down-to-earth, quiches, Because Pie, apple pie, lemon meringue, …

What I don’t like… Continue reading

Frankfurter Kranz has been a staple of visits to my Grandmother’s house for as long as I can remember.

Actually, I think that my memory is exaggerating a little because it wants to remember more instances of encounters with this beautiful cake than there actually were. But if the tricks my mind plays on me are as delicious as this one I will gladly accept it and associate childhood visits to my Grandma with a cake she may have made only once or twice. Continue reading

This is a moist and sweet German favorite with a bit of a twist. My colleague brought this to work recently and it was divine! I think this is her Gran’s recipe. Continue reading

Good Stock Continue reading


Summer = three months-long lethargy due to instant sweat attacks upon the smallest exertion.

The only things to actually do during these months are swimming in cool water and eating ice cream. However, for some reason the powers that be have managed to make these two things all but mutually exclusive. Continue reading

The other day, I stumbled upon this recipe, on the PeTA-website of all places. I am less… um… enthusiastic about being a vegetarian than the people at PeTA, but I found the idea of vegetarian buffalo chicken wings very intriguing. And since Hubby does eat meat but won’t turn up his nose at vegetarian alternatives (on the contrary, really), I thought that putting this recipe to the test in a side-by-side tasting would be fun. Continue reading