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Making food

There has been a sad, sad lack of new recipes on my blog recently. I hope you’re not going hungry on my account!? 😉

Here’s a tiny dish for your next office party or simply for when hunger strikes.

In letzter Zeit habe ich eindeutig zu wenige Rezepte gepostet! Hoffentlich ist deswegen noch niemand verhungert!? 😉

Hier also ein kleines Rezept für einen Brotaufstrich/Dip, der eigentlich viel zu einfach geht. Vor allem dafür, wie lecker er ist! Continue reading

Sorry about the lack of a picture – this stuff is so good that I couldn’t take a picture before it was all gone. 😀

Jetzt neu mit Deutscher Version am Seitenende. Continue reading

Why have I never thought of making pizza with my second-favorite vegetable and loads of cheese? Beets me!

This summery, savory-sweet slice of superpizza was simply scrumptious! It’s not for the faint-of-heart/afraid-of-cheese, though, I’m afraid. Continue reading

I don’t know from whence it came, but a few days ago, this idea popped into my head:

Rice Krispie Treats with liquor! Chocolate-Banana-Liquor! And Pretzel Sticks to set off all of that sweetness.

No sooner popped than done Continue reading

We were at a diner near Lake Tahoe when I was first introduced to the idea of the Monte Cristo Sandwich. I say “idea of” because I didn’t dare order it since I was sort of afraid of our waiter and didn’t think he’d approve of my changing up the ingredients too much.

Yes, I wanted to be cool for our waiter, so I missed out on my first Monte Cristo opportunity! I’m sorry, Younger Me! I wish I’d been there to save you this pain! Continue reading

If you like pizza but can’t be bothered to decide on just one topping and/or flavor combination, this pizza is for you. If you want pizza NOW and do not have the time or patience for yeast to do its magic, this pizza is for you as well.

It has two kinds of sauces, two kinds of veggies, some salami for the meat-eater in your life, and only three actual ingredients in the pizza dough. Continue reading

Hubby has been working like a dog these past couple of weeks. We have a big project in the works that is taking up a lot of time and brain-space, and he’s also had to work his butt off at his (relatively) new and exciting job.

So today I thought I’d make him one of his favorites for dinner to cheer him up a bit: sun-dried tomato risotto. Continue reading

There are people out there sharing their methods for boiling an egg (which is great because I look it up each time I boil one. No kidd’n!) so I just thought I’d share the method for cooking rice as it was taught to me by my mother. Continue reading

Looking for new cookie recipes to go on your rotation this Christmas? Look no further, for these are the cookies to end all cookies.

Well, actually, these cookies are the ones that are ended most quickly of all the ones I make, so I guess that actually makes them “the cookies to spare all other cookies”. Continue reading

The search for the best pumpkin soup of them all is over!

I know it’s entirely possible that you hadn’t started searching yet. But know that, should you ever start a search for the best pumpkin soup, you need to look no further. There simply is no better pumpkin soup on Earth than this one! Continue reading