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DIY and home décor.

I sewed a doorstop. Would you have guessed that from the title of this post?


(Me neither.)

But the doorstop is awesome, check it out! 🙂 Continue reading

I used to think that I couldn’t sew. Now that I’ve tried it I can’t remember why I thought that.

Ein paar Worte auf deutsch am Ende der Seite.

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Once upon a time, I stumbled upon this great site full of adorable and gorgeous bead patterns, called Thread A Bead.

I believe I had done an Internet search for beaded Christmas presents or tree decorations – but I can’t be sure what I had been looking for because everything went haywire when I happened upon yonder site and the sheer cornucopia of  ideas (and instructions) for Christmas presents! Within (what feels like) seconds, I had bought four of their patterns and was ready to give myself over to absolute beading frenzy.

Let’s take a look at the presents of Christmas past that resulted from said frenzy. Continue reading

Alright, I guess I’m officially certifiable. When you find out what I am doing, you will probably facepalm and send someone over to help me into my shiny new white jacket. The strait one with the long sleeves. Continue reading

This year, everybody I know (with a few choice exceptions) has received hand-made beaded gifts for Christmas. They will just have to cope. Continue reading