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Good hair days – mostly

It has come to my attention that I haven’t been posting about my hair much in the last months. I just wanted to make it perfectly clear that, yes, I still have hair, and I have come up with a couple of more or less creative ways to wear it Continue reading

A couple of weeks ago I had a real bum trip of a day. I was just trying to get through my jet-lag somehow, and on top of that I had just found out about a screw-up at work because I made the mistake of reading my work e-mail. I was dead-tired, exhausted, and had a small panic attack in front of my computer. But being good and brave, trying to stay awake and having stopped shaking, I dragged myself to the store. On my way back, a total stranger came up behind me, and passing me she said: “That is a beautiful hairstyle”! I now know what it means for someone to make your day. Continue reading

You know how I like to use some words rather imprecisely?! Words such as “daily” (nope, no daily updates to be found on The Westmonster Daily) or “sane”. Another one of those words is “routine” when I tell you about my hair care “routine” today. The term “routine” implies a sort of regularity for most. In my case, it rather means “whenever I have time and my hair really really really requires some pampering”. Continue reading

My bathroom smells like breakfast at Starbucks. So does my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the third time.

Let’s recap. Continue reading

Just a quick update on the state of my accessory drawer: There’s been sparkle there for a couple of weeks, and I’m not afraid to use it! Continue reading

Like I mentioned in my first beading-related post, I’ve been working on a cellini spiral.

A cellini spiral is an even-count tubular peyote. Peyote is a beading technique resulting in a very smooth and even pattern. You can use it for two-dimensional beadwork, such as flat bracelets, or patches to attach to textiles, and you can use it for tubular shapes, which is good for necklaces and bracelets. If you vary bead sizes, a spiral shape forms automatically as you go along. There is a brilliant, very comprehensive tutorial on how to make a cellini spiral here. (I love the woman’s voice, it’s so calm and soothing. I like to think she’s a kindergarten teacher in real life. [with my luck, she’s probably a physicist]).

I had originally planned to make a necklace Continue reading

This hairstyle originated when I (unsuccessfully) tried to hide the fact that I should have washed my hair, like, the day before yesterday. Today, I recreated it with acceptably clean hair, even clean enough to take a picture. Continue reading

My bathroom smelled like Starbucks the other day. So did my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the second time.

Here’s the thing: I really hated the smell of scrambled eggs the shampoo left me with last time. So much so that I was willing to take drastic measures against it. I had read about people using coffee grounds in their shampoo, for a better smell, a nice peeling effect, and degreasing. I didn’t have any coffee grounds, but I had instant espresso…

*dunnDunDuunnn* Continue reading

My bathroom smells like scrambled eggs. So does my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the first time today. I thought it might be worth a try since my scalp has been acting up a little lately, even though I’ve already switched from high-SLS-shampoos to very mild ones. I’ve never before washed my hair without any form of soap or tenside, so I’m really curious about the results. The internet assures me that this all-natural, right-out-of-the-fridge-and-pantry-concoction actually cleans and nourishes hair. So let’s see. Continue reading

The last couple of days I’ve been dabbling a little in the field of accent braids. They’re a great way to add a little texture and interest to any hairstyle. Also, I like putting my hair up in a Chinese Bun, because it keeps the hair in place very well and I don’t have to worry about weird strands of hair deciding to start sticking out of my head some time around noon. Also, depending on the way I wrap the bun (over or under), it looks interesting all by itself. Add an accent braid or two, and there’s your perfectly easy and interesting fancy or everyday updo. Continue reading