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This hairstyle originated when I (unsuccessfully) tried to hide the fact that I should have washed my hair, like, the day before yesterday. Today, I recreated it with acceptably clean hair, even clean enough to take a picture. See?

I think it’s an interesting looking style, and it’s also fairly easy to do.

Section off the hair in the top middle of your head. This is the part you’re going to Dutch braid. So the section should be v-shaped, with the tip at the crown, where you want your high pony tail to start. Now Dutch braid up to the crown of your head, then finish the braid normally (English) and tie it off with a small hair elastic. I used one of those silicone deals because they come out without pulling your hair.

Now make a very high pony tail at the crown/end of the dutch braid, including the english braid. I’m not very good at this, as you can see. The pony should sit much higher on the head than it does in my picture.

Now for the bubbling. I have included a picture of the length of the pony tail here on the left, so you can follow the instructions along as we bubble up the pony tail.

The first step towards the bubbling is to untie the English braid, making sure it doesn’t unravel too much, and positioning the braid on top of the pony tail, so it can be seen from the back. Now tie off the English braid, tying it together with the rest of the hair at the point where the English braid ends. For me, this is about half way down the pony tail (Step 1). Your pony tail should now have one bubble with the braid lying on top of it, and the rest of the hair flowing freely underneath. Depending on how far down your braid goes, you can tie the pony tail off with another hair elastic in the middle of the braid, thus creating another bubble (Step 2).

Beneath the end of the braid, I still had half of the length of the pony tail left. I tied it off with another hair elastic half way down, thus creating another bubbly with no braid on top (Step 3). And then, just for laughs, I English braided the bottom part of the pony (Step 4).

Also, if your hair doesn’t form bubbly enough bubbles by itself, you can fluff each tied-off part of the pony tail by gently pulling hair half-way out of the respective lower hair elastic.


Now, I realize this picture doesn’t show a very attractive pony tail, what with all the ends sticking out on all sides, and it’s crooked and unbalanced to boot.

This is because I washed my hair yesterday and didn’t put in any oils or leave-ins. And there are still some layers that haven’t yet grown out and like to stick out of braids and such. And I didn’t pay any attention to balancing the size of the bubbles, because… well, I didn’t think about the picture for this blog post when I did my hair today.

So please may I ask you to use your imagination to photoshop out all of the crookedness and weird stick-outs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Have fun!


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