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So, this morning I was watching this video on YouTube and decided that the ‘do looked cute and do-able. I dumbed it down a bit and did this sitting at my desk within ten minutes, without a mirror, and just added the two bobby pins on the right side and the hairslide at the back after checking the finished ‘do in order to make it look a little neater. It holds very well and I really like the way it turned out, even though it looks totally different than Kayleigh’s original.

I had my hair still in its nightynight-braid, so I undid that and just quickly combed through it with my fingers. Then I did the side part way to the right and the french braid on the left side of my head, starting with a strand of hair a couple of inches away from my hairline, incorporating the front hair a couple of braid runs down. When I was a little behind my ear I just braided normally down. In the picture the braid is already wrapped around the bun, but you can see where I stopped french braiding.

Then I parted the rest of my hair (on the right side of my head, the side without the braid) horizontally at about ear height and twisted the top part around a little bit before pinning it in a little bit of a pouf without having to tease the hair. For one, I had no teasing comb handy, and also, I don’t like to tease my hair too often because it’s damaged enough as is…

This is the right side of my head, but photographed in the mirror, so it looks like the left side. You can see the poufy tuck right above the bun.

After pinning the pouf, the ends from the top right bit still stuck out, so I twisted them into a bun together with the lower right strand, wrapped the braid around it and pinned it all with bobby pins and u-pins, and ta daa!

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