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This year, everybody I know (with a few choice exceptions) has received hand-made beaded gifts for Christmas. They will just have to cope.

The way I see it, the best presents are the things the presentees wouldn’t buy or make for themselves. So I try to gather very obscure (as in: hard to find) or outrageous (as in: never would have thought something like this existed) gifts. Or hand-made ones. Or obscurely outrageous hand-made ones.

Anyway, I figure that things I make myself can’t be bought anywhere, and they are the very precious gift of time spent thinking about a loved one while crafting them a present.

This is the whole lot that I made.

And here’s most of what was in those festive gossamer baggies.

The little fishie on the left (I’m calling him Günther) you already know.

The first things I made when the Christmas bug bit me were these lovely crystal bracelets from Bee-Jang. Had I had more of those crystal beads (and more time), my whole family, including men and children, would have gotten bracelets for Christmas.

There are so many lovely colors I have yet to combine for this one!

I think I prefer this earthier one for fall or winter, but ask me again when spring comes around. 🙂



And when I had finished the bracelets, the stars started happening!


There were candycane red-white


and blue ones.


There were swirly shuriken-style ninja stars.


And there were some with showy center pieces.


I just couldn’t stop!

I think I was looking for the perfect star ornament.

When I happened upon this freebie from Bead & Button online, my quest ended. This is, in my book, the perfect one.

It’s sparkly and close meshed, it’s interesting but homely… it’s perfect!

And it’s a boatload of work, I tells ya!


You start by stitching ten peyote diamond shapes which you then connect to form a star. Last, the center crystals are added, which is the simplest and most effective step at the same time.


It is a lot of work, but I really enjoy the way simple little beads and a bit (lot) of nylon thread come together to form these beautiful things.


In addition to star ornaments I also made a couple of pretty heart charms. This one is my favorite. It’s so cool, don’t you think? I had to make it in two different colors.

And how pretty is this little asymmetrical heart charm?! I love that I managed to get it right! I didn’t have an appropriate center bead, but I think it’s just fine the way it is.

My brother doesn’t really wear jewelry, but he likes role playing games, so I made a peyote die for him, including a little message.

The pattern was from a Beading Daily freebie.

I actually ended up not giving all of these away. Two or three became Christmas gifts for myself. 🙂

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