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My favorite colleague at work has a birthday coming up, and she’s been especially nice to me recently (she made me cocoa the other day, for crying out loud!). Hence, I thought I should give her something good for her birthday and asked her what she wanted.

She wanted a voucher for a drugstore.

That is not a good gift! What the hell, woman?!

Well, she made it seem like she would be reallyreally happy about getting a voucher, because she enjoys going on the occasional shopping spree there.

If it’s going to make her that happy, she’ll get her voucher.




I just don’t like giving presents that consist of a piece of paper and nothing else. So I made something for her that will be wrapped around the voucher.


Now, before I show it to you I have to explain why. Why in the world would I give something like that to a grown woman as a present?


She has a dog. A wire-haired dachshund, like this (just a little darker):

That explains everything, doesn’t it?

It does not?



This little guy, about as tall as a hare and thus very aptly named Odin, is all the world to her, so a really good gift for her can very well reference him. That’s what I figure, anyway.

So I tried my hand at making an Odin out of beads. And here’s what I got by slightly altering this pattern:


The pattern linked above is actually for a Pink Panther ring. I changed the colors, obviously, and added a couple of beads to give him more dachshund-like ears. Since I’m not very familiar with the technique, I didn’t dare alter anything else, and so a ring it is and a ring it must stay.


If I know her, she will not actually wear this as a ring, but my guess is that she’ll do a little happy dance once she recognizes who I tried to represent here. 🙂 I hope that she does – I like her happy dances.

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