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There’s this website, Have you heard of it? If you haven’t and you like working with beads now and again, or even if you just suspect you might like looking at the prettiest little trinkets made of beads – do NOT check out this site! You will never get anything else done again!

I believe this site was originally meant as a platform for selling art kits. They show you a pretty picture of a beautiful piece of beadwork, and you think “I want to make this, too”. Then they sell you the materials to make it along with the instructions.

But the instructions are also available for free on the site! And since my flat is brimming with beads of all colors and sizes as of now, I can get right to work on those sparkly little art projects.


The pattern for this delightful fish-guy can be found on that site.




He looks a little worried.


Who are you? Why you lookin’ at me?

It’s alright, little guy! I’m a vegetarian.

‘kay, bye!

What an odd fish.

The worst thing is that he doesn’t even take long to make, once you’ve decided on the colors to use. This means that you can go right on to the next project. And the next. And then the next. And then the sun goes down and you wonder what just happened.



P.S.: The title of this post is another god-awful pun on “Go Fish”. I have no idea why I do these things…

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