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Aaaaahhhhhhh. *yawn* Summer’s finally really over. Now comes the time of year when you while away the cold and stormy afternoons sitting by the window reading a book, all snuggled up in a blanket and sipping hot cocoa. Or tea. Or coffee. Or a carajillo.

Have you heard of carajillos?

I was recently introduced to this Spanish version of boozy coffee drinks by my best friend who had just returned from La Palma where she had whiled away the singeing hot afternoons drinking a hot beverage called barraquito, a form of carajillo native to the Canary Isles.


We had a couple of these when she came over to visit the other day, and, as expected, they were phenomenal!


La Palma doesn’t have cold and stormy afternoons, but if this drink is good enough for summer on La Palma, it’s good enough for me any time of year.

I’m sure you’ll agree once you learn what’s in it.

To make this cracker of a coffee drink, assemble the following ingredients (for 1):


1 cl sweetened condensed milk (are you sold on this yet?)

2 cl Liquor 43/Tía María/Grand Marnier (now you’re in, aren’t you?)

1 shot of espresso, hot (~25ml)

3 cl warm milk, frothed

a dash of cinnamon

lemon peel


Pour the condensed milk into a small, heat-proof glass, add espresso, liquor, and the lemon peel. Do not stir (to achieve the characteristic layered effect). Top with the milk froth, sprinkle on some cinnamon, and

e n j o y!



There are many ways to froth milk. Here are some tips in case you’re unfamiliar with the process and there’s no actual milk steamer attached to your espresso machine.
– warm your milk (it should be warm, not hot) and use a milk frother of any kind to froth the milk. (I prefer immersion milk frothers because they’re easy to clean and also inexpensive. I got mine at IKEA.)
– If you don’t own a milk frother, fill the cold milk into a jar that will hold at least twice the amount of milk you want to froth, and tightly cover with a lid. Shake, shake, shake until the milk has frothed and almost doubled in volume. Remove lid and heat in the microwave (on high) for ~20 seconds. Keep a close eye on the milk, though, and stop the microwave before the foam starts to rise over the brim of the jar. (tip found here)


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