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A day or so after I had finished beading my first baby dragon, I found out that there was a contest on a beading website I had discovered shortly beforehand. Because it coincided so well with my production of the little guy, and because I was so very proud and felt so very talented, I entered him in the contest. The jury ain’t decided yet, and the results aren’t the subject of this post anyway.

The main event, for me, was that just for participating everyone who entered a beaded creature received a dragon baby-pattern from the very talented Jenny.

I was still beading away at a bigger project of mine (the result of which I’m going to post soon) when the first pictures of contestants’ dragon babies popped up all over the place. And they were so cute that I was itching to start on one myself.

So I got to beadin’.

I made this little blue guy first and gave him a treasure of Jelly Beans to guard all dragon-like.


But alas, he guarded it to no avail – I ate them all. 😀

To make up for it, I gave him a toy stirring wheel to play with which he hasn’t let go of ever since.


Imagine my joy when, a few days later, his little sister hatched.


And now, as little sisters will, she wants to play with the toy stirring wheel as well, but he won’t give it up for her to play with. Big brothers can be mean all right. Even dragon brothers.


Pah, the dragon girl don’t need no fancy stirring wheel to win any race with her brother anyway! *humph*

Do you know that lady with the dolls? Every home shopping channel has one.

You know how you always make fun of her for pretending her dolls are somehow alive and hatching all sorts of tea-party-plans and such?

You know how that pretending makes her kind of creepy?

Yeah, that’s the one.

I think I’m turning into her! *shudder*

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