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The title of this post may be an exaggeration, but that’s actually what this way of preparing a mango always reminds me of.

Anyway, it’s as easy as mango pie: Just cut the mango in three pieces lengthwise, the middle piece being the core with some pulp. You’ll want to cut very close to the core. Don’t worry if you hit it with the knife, you can always wiggle your way around it and still get two very nice outer pieces.

Next, cut a grid into the pulp of the outer pieces, being careful not to pierce the peel. Like so:

Now hold the piece in both hands, thumbs on the tips, pushing the middle outward with your index fingers. And there’s the Sydney Opera House:

You can simply pick off the cute little mango cubes with your fingers if you don’t mind the juicy mess, or cut them off the peel with a knife to toss them into an exotic fruit salad.

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