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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Why have I never thought of making pizza with my second-favorite vegetable and loads of cheese? Beets me!

This summery, savory-sweet slice of superpizza was simply scrumptious! It’s not for the faint-of-heart/afraid-of-cheese, though, I’m afraid. Continue reading

Now that I’m back, all I ever seem to want to write about is cats! I’m really sorry if you don’t like cats (mostly because you’re missing out, in my opinion), and I promise, the next post will deal with something completely different. But this one is about a kitty once more. Continue reading

Two little piggies,

male, tabby and white

moved in with Westmonster

their future was bright. Continue reading

… for not posting for so long.

There were a couple of major changes in my life that occupied my time and my mind especially. Continue reading