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Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Internet is full of things that are on people’s minds. If the amount of a certain thing on the internet is representative of the amount of head-space that particular thing takes up in the average person’s head then the minds of people are chock-full of cats. Continue reading

The creative mind behind, Christiane Brüning, recently published a new book with patterns for all sorts of little beaded figurines for many occasions throughout the year.

The beaded dolls in this book range from tiny to thumb-sized (which, come to think of it, is also tiny), and I just couldn’t wait to get started with one of the bigger dolls, from the “Easter” section: the Easter Bunny. Continue reading

If you like pizza but can’t be bothered to decide on just one topping and/or flavor combination, this pizza is for you. If you want pizza NOW and do not have the time or patience for yeast to do its magic, this pizza is for you as well.

It has two kinds of sauces, two kinds of veggies, some salami for the meat-eater in your life, and only three actual ingredients in the pizza dough. Continue reading

I recently got a pattern for the cutest little beaded kitty from a fellow beader, and so I am currently working on making a grey tabby with a white face. I thought I’d share a couple of work-in-progress pics. Continue reading

Hubby has been working like a dog these past couple of weeks. We have a big project in the works that is taking up a lot of time and brain-space, and he’s also had to work his butt off at his (relatively) new and exciting job.

So today I thought I’d make him one of his favorites for dinner to cheer him up a bit: sun-dried tomato risotto. Continue reading