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Monthly Archives: December 2012

This year, everybody I know (with a few choice exceptions) has received hand-made beaded gifts for Christmas. They will just have to cope. Continue reading

Kitty and I wish you a Continue reading

A couple of weeks ago I had a real bum trip of a day. I was just trying to get through my jet-lag somehow, and on top of that I had just found out about a screw-up at work because I made the mistake of reading my work e-mail. I was dead-tired, exhausted, and had a small panic attack in front of my computer. But being good and brave, trying to stay awake and having stopped shaking, I dragged myself to the store. On my way back, a total stranger came up behind me, and passing me she said: “That is a beautiful hairstyle”! I now know what it means for someone to make your day. Continue reading

There are people out there sharing their methods for boiling an egg (which is great because I look it up each time I boil one. No kidd’n!) so I just thought I’d share the method for cooking rice as it was taught to me by my mother. Continue reading