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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Looking for new cookie recipes to go on your rotation this Christmas? Look no further, for these are the cookies to end all cookies.

Well, actually, these cookies are the ones that are ended most quickly of all the ones I make, so I guess that actually makes them “the cookies to spare all other cookies”. Continue reading

You know how I like to use some words rather imprecisely?! Words such as “daily” (nope, no daily updates to be found on The Westmonster Daily) or “sane”. Another one of those words is “routine” when I tell you about my hair care “routine” today. The term “routine” implies a sort of regularity for most. In my case, it rather means “whenever I have time and my hair really really really requires some pampering”. Continue reading

I’m amazed at my stubby fingers. They actually managed to bead a kitty that could sit comfortably on my thumbnail … if either of us had any sense of balance! Continue reading

We decided to travel to Florida in the fall because, well, winter is coming and we wanted to soak in some of the last rays of sunshine available to us this year.

This, however, is what it looked like most… Continue reading

I was watching North by Northwest one day, which I hadn’t seen before. It’s a really good movie, lots of action and romance and such. And it’s from the 50ies, so it’s really quite well-behaved. Mostly. Continue reading

The search for the best pumpkin soup of them all is over!

I know it’s entirely possible that you hadn’t started searching yet. But know that, should you ever start a search for the best pumpkin soup, you need to look no further. There simply is no better pumpkin soup on Earth than this one! Continue reading

There’s this website, Have you heard of it? If you haven’t and you like working with beads now and again, or even if you just suspect you might like looking at the prettiest little trinkets made of beads – do NOT check out this site! You will never get anything else done again! Continue reading

This recipe was inspired by Sprinkle Bakes’ Triple Decker Maple Peanutbutter Pretzel Fudge.

Okay, I totally, unabashedly stole her flavor combination idea because I thought that sounded like a cracker of a fudge flavor. 😀 Continue reading