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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Wow, lemon curd! Who knew?

I don’t think we do lemon curd in Germany, so I never knew its deliciousness until I made my own from a recipe by bell’alimento two days ago. It was super easy, and took me only one pot and one jar (bell’alimento used a bowl as well, so I cut a third off the dish-age – yay me and my sink). Continue reading

There are a number of deep and insightful (or not) quotes the author of which seems to be lost in time, and lost in space – but not meaning.

I like the randomness of the quotes (this Anon-person has something… Continue reading

My favorite baking book at the moment is Piece of Cake, by Camilla V. Saulsbury. The book’s USP is that Mrs. Saulsbury has managed to break even the most complicated looking cake recipe down to her genius one-bowl-approach. I was introduced to the book on a blog I frequently read, called Baking Bites, and added it to my amazon wishlist. Luckily for me and everyone around me, I promptly received it as a Christmas gift.

For my birthday, I made an Irish Coffee Cake from the book and adapted one of the icing recipes to make the most amazingly boozy and scrumptious icing I have ever tasted. Continue reading

Look, I won’t pretend to know a lot about the Welsh. But from the little that I do know, I think they’re very different – in a good way – from everybody else. For example, they have two official languages, one of which is positively ancient. While many celtic languages are facing extinction, Cymraeg (Welsh) seems to have a pretty good chance of survival since a high percentage of Welsh people (mostly in rural areas) still speak it as their mother tongue. Also, the country itself has an ancient feel to it, what with all the medieval castles and cobblestone houses.

And, maybe most importantly, while the rest of the world use the Lion or the Eagle as their heraldic animal (nothing wrong with those, of course), the Welsh are badass enough to use a Red Dragon in their flag! Continue reading

I love limericks! They are my favorite form of poetry (right behind Rilke, that is, of course, who is in a league of his own!). What with all of their humor and frequent innuendos and such, they’re right up my alley!

May I recite two of my favorite limericks for you? The first one is relevant to my field of study (psychology), and was told to me by the Best Housemate of Them All:

A young schizophrenic called Ruther,

When told of the death of his mother,

said: “Well, that’s too bad! But still, I’m not sad –

After all, I still have each other!” Continue reading

This is to break in a brand new category on my blog: Quotes!

I love quotes, from movies, books, people… Always have, always will.

The first version of my diploma thesis was studded with quotes (one referencing the contents of… Continue reading

Just a quick update on the state of my accessory drawer: There’s been sparkle there for a couple of weeks, and I’m not afraid to use it! Continue reading

A day or so after I had finished beading my first baby dragon, I found out that there was a contest on a beading website I had discovered shortly beforehand. Because it coincided so well with my production of… Continue reading

(One of these days, I’m gonna take the beading/beating puns too far and get hate-mail from animal rights activists or something…)

Similar to the way in which my new hair-do-hobby led to beading necklaces and bracelets, the beading necklaces and bracelets led to beading animals. Continue reading

Like I mentioned in my first beading-related post, I’ve been working on a cellini spiral.

A cellini spiral is an even-count tubular peyote. Peyote is a beading technique resulting in a very smooth and even pattern. You can use it for two-dimensional beadwork, such as flat bracelets, or patches to attach to textiles, and you can use it for tubular shapes, which is good for necklaces and bracelets. If you vary bead sizes, a spiral shape forms automatically as you go along. There is a brilliant, very comprehensive tutorial on how to make a cellini spiral here. (I love the woman’s voice, it’s so calm and soothing. I like to think she’s a kindergarten teacher in real life. [with my luck, she’s probably a physicist]).

I had originally planned to make a necklace Continue reading