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Monthly Archives: April 2012

When we arrived at Yellowstone Canyon in the dead of night we were driving very slowly, the various small critters eyeing us from the side of the road indicated only by our headlights being reflected in wide retinas close to the ground every now and then – the world around the beam from our headlights was pitch black. Suddenly, a huge dark mass became visible on the other side of the road; Continue reading

I’m not sure how these things keep happening to me, but I found yet another hobby online the other day. Last weekend, I was browsing the German Longhaircommunity for hair decoration, and among other things, there was a link to a website with instructions on how to make your own jewelry with beads. Sounds Hippie, right? Continue reading

This hairstyle originated when I (unsuccessfully) tried to hide the fact that I should have washed my hair, like, the day before yesterday. Today, I recreated it with acceptably clean hair, even clean enough to take a picture. Continue reading

My bathroom smelled like Starbucks the other day. So did my hair.

You guessed it – I tested homemade honey egg shampoo for the second time.

Here’s the thing: I really hated the smell of scrambled eggs the shampoo left me with last time. So much so that I was willing to take drastic measures against it. I had read about people using coffee grounds in their shampoo, for a better smell, a nice peeling effect, and degreasing. I didn’t have any coffee grounds, but I had instant espresso…

*dunnDunDuunnn* Continue reading

It’s usually true that food should be pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. However, it can also be a very special experience when you don’t see what you’re eating – nor anything else, because you’re having

Continue reading